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No Football this Fall

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association met via Zoom on Tuesday, August 11, to discuss the upcoming sports calendar for the new school year. The NCHSAA worked long and hard trying to find a solution that would allow student-athletes to participate in sports this school year.

In an announcement from the NCHSAA, the new amended sports calendar does not have football being played this fall. Instead, football will be held in the spring. All sports have been limited to 14 games, except for football which is only allowed 7 games. According to the new amended sports calendar, high school sports will not start until November 4 when volleyball and cross-country are allowed to hold their first practice.

While this new amended calendar has sports being played this year, it is not a guarantee. The new calendar is dependent upon coronavirus conditions improving across the state. will keep you updated should any new information be made available.

Click Here to view the amended sports calendar

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