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ER ends nine-year losing streak at Asheboro

Friday night the Asheboro Blue Comets hosted the Eastern Randolph Wildcats in non-conference varsity football action.

Eastern Randolph kicked off to start the first quarter as Kaleb Cheek returned the kick to the 39-yard line for the Comets. Right away Asheboro’s offense was no match for the Wildcats’ defense as Cheek carried the team down the field for three back to back first downs. Eastern Randolph’s defense allowed Cheek to get by them once more this time into the end zone. The extra point attempt was good as Asheboro took a 7-0 lead. Asheboro continued to defend their home turf as they kept the Wildcats from gaining any yardage. The Wildcats were forced to punt the ball on fourth down.

As Asheboro regained the ball, a fumble on their second drive allowed Eastern Randolph to recover. On third and 14, a pass from Cade Snotherly to William Harris picked up the first down. On the next play, Snotherly found Kaemen Marley in the end zone to put Eastern Randolph on the board. The Wildcats went for the two-point conversion and were successful taking an 8-7 lead. Asheboro put up a fight as they returned the favor on their next drive. It took just three plays before Cheek was back in for a touchdown. The extra point was good as the Comets took a 14-8 lead. After one complete quarter, Asheboro led 14-8.

Eastern Randolph began the second quarter on the second and two. Marley was open as he rushed in for a touchdown to tie the game at 14 all. The Wildcats lined up for the onside kick as they recovered their own kick for another possession. On third and eight, Snotherly carried the ball before being taken down on the 25-yard line. Two plays later Marley caught a pass in the end zone for another Wildcat touchdown. Asheboro’s defense was unable to keep the Wildcats from scoring as they allowed them to pick up the two-point conversion. Returning the ball for the Comets was Khyland Hadley-Lindsay as he was taken down on the 46-yard line. Back to back penalties on the Wildcats put the Comets on the 32-yard line. On second and three, Dyvon McKinney stepped foot into the end zone for a Blue Comet touchdown. At the half, Eastern Randolph led 22-20.

Beginning the third quarter were the Comets as they kicked off. Sean Lawrence returned the ball for the Wildcats. Three plays later Eastern Randolph was unable to cover ground as they turned the ball over on downs. Asheboro would start their run on the 39-yard line. On fourth and three the Comets were forced to punt. Eastern Randolph would pick up a first down from the help of Hunter Henson who caught a pass from Snotherly. Two first downs in a row put the Wildcats on the 29-yard line. A clear pass to Marley was made in the end zone as Eastern Randolph took a 28-20 lead. The Comets finished out the third quarter on third and 14. After three complete quarters, the Wildcats led 28-20.

On fourth and second in the fourth quarter, a penalty was given to the Wildcats. This allowed Asheboro to gain a first down. Hadley-Lindsay carried the ball for the Comets as he picked up a first down on the 29-yard line. On second and two, Hadley-Lindsay once again ran with the ball picking up another Asheboro first down. Asheboro lined up on the one-yard line as Hadley-Lindsay broke through for a Comet touchdown. The attempt at the two-point conversion was no good as the score remained 26-28. Eastern Randolph was given the ball but failed to make plays and was forced to punt. The Comets returned the ball as they too punted on fourth down.

It was not long until the Wildcats were able to cover any ground. On second down, Marley took the handoff running down the sideline for a 55-yard touchdown. Eastern Randolph went up 34-26. The two-point conversion was good as the Wildcats took a ten-point lead. With time running out the Comets had to make a play. Doing just that Asheboro made their way down the field. Hadley-Lindsay ran with the ball but was taken down on the four-yard line. On the next play, the Comets found themselves in the end zone for a touchdown. The kick was good as they made it a 33-36 game. Eastern Randolph was able to hold the Comets as they claimed a 36-33 victory for their first win at Asheboro in nine years.

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